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once a long time ago, i read on a blog, "i am a lesbian but thats not all i am". i was then just teetering on the edge coming out as a lesbian. back then, although i understood what she was saying, i was completely drowning in that one dimension of my identity. i knew then i was more than also but such turmoil tends to shrink your field of vision. it is scary and exciting and anticipatory and it is exhausting.

i am almost 5 years out now. some things look differently in my life. some things are the same. but i revel in the knowledge that i am a lesbian and in the knowledge that i really am more than just... my field of vision has grown to include the wide open spaces of life's endless possibilies.

for those of you who know me, you will be able to find the familiar places of my old writings which i will have on the sidebar. for those who stumble upon me and find yourself confused by fragmented references or are struggling to come out later in life, you will find the Closer to Fine link most helpful. I recommend reading it from the beginning, it makes more sense.

one more thing, blame my lack of capital letters on e.e. cummings...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

evening constitutional...

every night i spend at least 10 minutes standing on my balcony looking out over the water, grass below me and the sky above me.   i never step outside with a purpose or a train of thought, its like i am stepping into a blank slate and i breathe deeply and let out whatever i have been holding inside.

tonight the sky was speckled with dense clouds.  stars peeked through but were quickly hidden again.  i wondered if any of my prayers or worries and thoughts could ever filter up through the maze and make it into the universe where i really needed them to be.   

i listened to the life quieting down around me.  students coming home, people taking out the trash as their last chore of the night.  a baby giggling and then crying as it's mother finally pulled him/her away from splashing in the water.

a night like any other night, yet unique it is own way and never to be exactly the same again.   i wonder if my prayers are lost in the clouds to be silenced tonight, or will they break free for the messages to blanket the world around me.

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